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2021 Kent Island Christmas Ornament Available at the Red Barn.


Weekly shipments of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals. Vegetables!

 We have Homestead Harvest Animal Feeds, too!


 Looking for something specific, let us know!

Locally owned nursery, A Little Farm and Nursery has native trees, shrubs, perennials and colorful annuals to make your landscape beautiful. 

Homestead Harvest Animal Feed!

Chicken, Goat, Heritage Hog, Mini-Pig, Sheep, Turkey, Quail and Rabbit Feed

Looking for a high quality, locally grown, non-GMO animal feed? Look no further!
We carry Ernst Grain and Livestock's' Homestead Harvest Animal Feeds. 
A 7th Generation Family of Farmers, they continue their tradition of good premium feed blends for a variety of animals. Chickens, Goats, Cow, Heritage Hog, Rabbit, Sheep, Mini-Pig, Horses, and more are sold at the Red Barn!


A Little Herd

Rosemary and Basil, both Mini-Nubian goats, came to the Farm on May 24, 2020 and were joined by Lovey and Lavey. Nigerian Dwarfs on June 14, 2020. They love treats and one of their favorite snacks are crunchy, brown leaves!
They will be helping us keep our weeds and brush under control, while giving us some entertainment with their goat antics!

Lovey, Lavey, Rosey, and Basil


About Us

A Little Farm and Nursery provides quality plants for homes, lawns, and gardens in Queen Anne County area. We offer everything from planting solutions and lawn maintenance supplies to gardening tools and decor.

Our focus is offering native plants for your landscape.
Don't forget about our Houseplants in the Red Barn! Succulents, cactus, pothos, to a variety of other fun plants that will add to your home!


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