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A Jolly Green Giant

Arborvitaes (Thuja)

When one thinks about hedges, it’s really not about a Yew or Leyland Cypress any more, Arborvitaes are what comes to mind. Green Giant and Emerald Green are two of the most popular choices.

These guys are workhorses when it comes to growth. Some can grow 3-5 feet a year!!!! And usually top out at about 50 feet high. (there are some cultivars that are much smaller too) So, if you need a green dense living fence, you might want to consider.

In our area, they can tolerate our Kent Island soil- nice thick clay and do well in full sun to partial shade. As with anything, keep in mind the rain. If we experience very dry conditions, like what we are seeing now, give them a drink or two every few days, especially if you’ve just planted them. It’s important that their root ball does not dry out. If it does, you will be looking at a stressed tree. They will tell you that they aren’t happy when they show a change in color.

As with anything, sometimes arborvitaes can suffer from insect infestations, but these, if caught early, can be controlled. Deer can sometimes taste them before deciding that there are other items in your landscape that they would prefer, like ALL of your Hostas and Sedums.

Well, until next time, you’ll find me playing in the dirt.


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