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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Built on Generations of Traditions, Est. 2019.

What's the red barn all about?

That would be my Grandparent's barn. Lots of fun and a lot of work was done in that barn. My Grandfather was a carpenter and was awesome at building and growing stuff. He would build houses then come home and work in the garden. Grandma and us grand kids took advantage of that hard work by picking, shelling, canning, jamming, jelling, and baking up that deliciousness during the growing season. Boy, did it taste awesome at the Thanksgiving table. It all started with them. Not only my love for growing vegetables, but flowers too. I remember collecting Cleome seeds (spider plant) with Grandma at an early age so I could grow my own.

Of course, my parents continued vegetable gardening and throughout my childhood my love to grow things would be set in stone.

When we decided to open our nursery, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to my Grandparents and use the picture of that barn.

I hope I can bring the inspiration that this barn represents to me... to you..through our work here at the nursery.


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