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Homestead Harvest!!!!

By now, you might have seen that we will be adding Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Feed to our offerings to you. This feed is from a Maryland 7th Generation Farm. They are built on family traditions to offer a product that will provide the necessary nutrients with some extras (like essential oils, Omega 3’s and local grains) to our pets.

Since September, we’ve had the pleasure of talking with you and realized that, just like us, some of you have non-tradition pets- Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Rabbits, etc. Some of us have these critters to supplement our meals and some as just pets. Us Little’s currently have a few backyard chickens as pets, but boy, do we love the eggs that they lay us. When we first got Henrietta, Sissy, Tina, Piggy (yes, she’s a chicken that is white and is always dirty, hence the name) it was important to us to find a feed that fit. There’s a lot of feeds out there. I found, through some searching and being a part of some Facebook groups a chicken feed that was good and we have used them for years. The only issue is that they are across the country and expensive. When I met Josh Ernst, I was super excited!!! He’s in Maryland. He’s a Seventh Generation Farmer who loved his animals so much that he and his family made a feed that they now share with everyone. It’s made with the best grains, best essential oils, Omega 3’s, along with other beneficial additions. This helps with your animals’ overall well-being… and we are lucky enough to be able to have it here on the Eastern Shore.

Come on by this weekend and check it out. We will get our shipment later this week and it will be ready for you. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, let us know. We can help with that also.

For now, it’s back to digging in the dirt for me!


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