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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

You went to the Christmas Tree lot, agonized over the decision, maybe even vowed not to speak to someone or several folks over the decision (at least until after Christmas). Maybe even went to 101 lots to find the perfect specimen to place in your home, string with lights and adorn with ornaments. It’s perfect! It’s festive, it’s gotta get some water!!!

So we are still a few weeks away from Christmas. And you would prefer to celebrate with glitter all over the place instead of Christmas tree needles (I agree, I just don’t think the needles give off the desired effect) But, how should you care for your tree?

I think it might be best to think of cut flowers. Yes, I know the tree is the biggest cut flower you’ve ever had, I get it, but the concept is the same. Just follow me here. When you get a bouquet from your beau, you should always trim off a little from the flowers before you put them into your vase of water. Same with a Christmas Tree. The tree lot should offer to cut a little off of the bottom of the tree for you when you purchase it (at least ½ inch from the original cut).

This does a few things. First of all, it should allow you to place it in your tree stand. It cleans up the bottom, meaning, you might decide to take a few branches off of the bottom so that it will fit and doesn't hang on the floor. And the most important, the new cut will allow for the tree to take up water. During the time that it was cut to when you purchase, the tree has had time to heal over the stump. Very little water is getting up through the tree, so a clean up opens the lines back up and allows it to take up water.

Get your tree home and in the stand (or a least a bucket of water) within the hour. When it's not in water, that’s when the tree will begin to work on healing over that cut. So, keep it watered. That’s the most important. Check on it morning and night. There will be times, when that tree decides to take up a huge amount of water, try not to let it dry out, because, you guessed it, it begins that healing process and isn’t able to take up as much water.

There are also several preservatives out on the market that you can add to the water that gives the tree an extra boost. Most have a food source, has some acidifier so it helps with the uptake of water, and some other ingredients. There’s also plenty of diy recipes that you can try, if you wanted too.

No matter what, if you have a tree that has significant needle drop, or you haven’t watered in forever, keep the lights off and the tree away from any flammable sources. You should consider removing it to reduce the fire hazard.

Enjoy your beautiful tree! I hope you can sit back and enjoy the O Tannenbaum!

Merry Christmas Ya’ll!


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