Bee Happy

Reminiscing about growing up.... A very long, long time ago, we would spend a lot of time at my grandparents. Summers and after school, the cousins and I would embark on many adventures. Not only do I remember picking our lunch out of the extensive garden my grandparents worked daily in, but there was always nature abound. I do remember a time when I wore a bandanna that had yellow flowers all around it and it attracted butterflies. How cool was that? I remember catching lightning bugs in the evenings of our family cookouts and putting them in a mason jars. Oh, and the year of the 7-year locust! Holy cow, that was fun catching those too! HAHA!

I also remember beehives. My grandmother had this BEAUTIFUL hydrangea tree- the kind that was so enormous, it was in a class by itself. Along with a sitting white arbor, the white beehives decorated the area. If I remember correctly, I believe that there were some old-fashioned lilacs around as well. The smells in the spring!!! I didn’t go in or tend to the bees, I remember it being an unspoke