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Cooler weather is coming soon...I hope 🥵

Cooler weather will be here soon to stay! I promise. And you know what that means? Fall is for planting. Now is the best time to plant anything. So if you are thinking that the spot over in your yard would be a great place for a pollinator garden…or the foundations plants have long overgrown the front of your house….or if you just need to replace some plants that just didn’t make the summer, now’s the time.

Need ideas? We can help. It’s helpful to bring pictures of the area(s) and make sure you note where the sun is during the day. Some plants love the sun, and some do not. Also, if you are looking at foundations plants that will be in front of windows, measure where the windows start so plants that are chosen, won’t overgrow in front of the windows.

There are so many plant options, if you aren’t sure which direction to go with, go Native. Native means, after you get them established, they usually do very well because they can hang with Maryland weather. They also give great habitat to our wildlife including birds in your landscape. Most of your Native shrubs and trees give several seasons of interests too, so your landscape won’t be boring.

Need Native ideas? Stop on in and ask for your native planting guides. This colorful guide shows you plants that can help with supporting birds, bees, and butterflies in your landscapes.

We hope to see you soon!


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