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Hello Spring, my friend

Ahhhh…finally SPRING has arrived! As I write this, I can hear the birds are chirping trying to find the worms! I LOVE this time of year. And I know I’m not the only one. The forsythia is starting to pop and if you are lucky enough to have a cherry tree or locust tree on your property, you have bursts of color. And finally, the green. Yes! The green….ok, mostly weeds among the blades of grass, but nonetheless, it’s green. Trees are showing signs of life again…all is well in the world. Is it just me or does a warm day with blue sky and sunshine just make the day awesome?

Most of our creative juices start flowing about what to do in our yards this time of year. What we liked, what we didn’t. What we want from looking at all of those Pinterest ideas. It’s a reawakening.

So if you haven’t started already, it’s time to start cleaning up your landscaping beds, laying down a layer of mulch, and deciding what you are going to do and enjoy this Spring and Summer.

No matter what you do…plant Native! We are so fortunate to have the Bay right outside of our doorways or at least within walking distance or a quick bike ride. Let’s do right by her and make sure our lands promote nature. Our lands promote growing bird families. Our lands promote nectar for our pollinators. Our lands provide food for our wildlife.

Native plants can help with all of those things…and don’t let them fool you. They are beautiful and give seasonal interest and benefits and are aesthetically pleasing. Once established in your landscape beds, they will flourish.

Think about what life is like if you don’t hear any birds or you don’t hear those peepers in the evening. Think about not seeing a monarch butterfly this summer. Let’s promote these beautiful creatures that helps our entire world keep going.


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