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It’s A Girl!!

More than one girl…oh no, wait, wait… it’s not what you are thinking. Baby chicks, people, Baby chicks.

Cute as can be! They have arrived at the nursery. Can you hear my excitement? As I listen to the tiny chirps and watch them find the food and water and then all of a sudden pass out and take a nap….I worry that I might turn into Elmyra Duff…. “I’m going to love them and hug them and hold them forever.” Hahaha!

We have five kinds…..Red, Brown, and Black Sex Link, a mix, as well as some Easter Eggers. These guys will lay brown eggs for the most part, but the Easter Eggers will lay colors of green and blue. So neat! We have a while before they start laying so now I can love, hug, and hold them…….for a little bit.

I know the kiddos are off of school for a while so if you are looking for something to do, come on by and see the chicks.

Until the chicks are grown, I won’t be playing in the dirt for a while…


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