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"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....'

We are very excited to be offering Christmas trees and wreaths this year. You should be seeing the trees arriving on Wednesday of this week. Finding a tree provider has been a challenge, as maybe you know or not, but there is a Christmas tree shortage. Many Tree Farms only have enough for clients that have been with them for years, for a newbie, not so much.

I was fortunate enough to know that my parents had worked with May’s Tree Farm for years getting their tree each and every year for their home. So, I gave them a call. Luckily, they did have trees and they would talk with a newbie 😉 The Tree Farm is located in the Appalachian Mountains near Petersburg, WV. The Taylors, who own the Farm, have been great! Answering all of my questions and helping me with the order. Below are what trees we are offering and a little about them.

The first one is a timeless option, a Douglas Fir. This tree shows off dark green to blue green needles that are about an inch to an inch and half in length. It’s a very soft tree- friendly to the kiddos and older hands. The Douglas Fir does have a sweet pleasant scent and has excellent needle retention. We will have a few sizes to meet your needs.

The Concolor Fir, or “White Fir” owns the “world’s best” honor of having one of the best aromatic scents of the Christmas trees. It has a citrus smell that you and your guests will enjoy throughout the holiday season. This is a very elegant and strong tree that holds larger ornaments and precious heirloom decorations very well. The needles are about an inch and a half long and the color varies from green to blue/green to silver. Talk about one of a kind!

This tree also has excellent needle retention and is soft to the touch.

We will have wreaths as well as many smaller varieties of live trees that will do excellent by your front door in a container with some lights and decorations; great for gift giving; or using it as a small table top tree to decorate and then to plant later in your landscape to enjoy for years to come.

We also will have Poinsettias, Lemon cypress, cyclamen, small hollies and wintergreen that will look great in your home also! Don’t forget about the ornaments too. We also have some handmade items that are sure to please.

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