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Ready or not...........winter is coming.

Don’t forget your elephant ears, caladiums, cannas, gingers, citrus, succulents, palms and others that won’t do well with the cooler weather. Looking at the future forecast, nighttime temps could be in the 40’s Thursday night and will be in the mid-40’s the last week of October. Citrus and palms (really most tropicals) should be brought inside to keep until warmer weather. Check on what they like. If they like sunlight, pick an area of your home with a South facing window. Those plants that are bulbs/tubers, like caladiums and elephant ears, can be dug up, cleaned up and placed in a cool dry place (like a garage) until the Spring thaw.

For you peppers lovers, you can dig up and bring in your pepper plants. Give them what they need- sunlight and water through the winter and you just might have some fresh peppers during that time. Or at least, get peppers quicker next growing season.

If you don't have any windows that let sunlight in, you may want to invest in a growing light that gives the plants the right spectrum of light they needs to continue to flourish.

Also, make sure you protect your floors when you are watering, too. I’ve used old plates to put under my pots that I don’t have plastic protectors for, and they work well. I’ve re-purposed empty dog food bags too. The plastic mesh seems to work well and it’s one less thing that I’m throwing away.

If you need any help and have questions, let me know…also if you are looking to re-home any, let me know 😉.

I’ll be playing in the dirt if you need me…..


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