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Snow, snow, go away...

Many of you know, I do NOT like the cold. The only thing that doesn’t turn me into a bumbling, raging mad-woman Karen is seed catalogs and the Spring countdown. And I have to up the ante when it snows, catalogs, books and webinars help 😉.

I know, I know, we need the cold for insect populations, seed germination, so I can prune my trees when they are dormant, I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Soo, I focus on the fun things that are coming soon.

We have a few workshops: Milkweed for Monarchs, our FREE sowing seed workshop, Starting Seeds for your vegetable garden talk, Easter planter workshop (bulb planting so you can have Tulips and Hyacinth for your Easter table). We have the Goat’s 2nd Birthday celebration in mid-March and our Spring Walks on the Farm and Kid planting days coming up at the end of March through April.

As the weather warms up in April and May, we will be holding a “Plant Natives in your Landscape” talk and also doing a workshop on picking plants for your pots by your front door and around your backyard. Lots of fun things coming at the Farm! Go to our website and sign up!

So, I’ll be immersed in seed catalogs and gardening books, to forget whatever weather is raging outside.

Happy Planting Soon!


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