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Stop and Smell the Roses

It’s so surreal with the times that we are living in. So much going on and so much to keep up with. It’s hard not to become so wrapped up with the news and social media 24/7 that you have information overload and you can’t think straight. You begin to question your state of mind!

At one point I had the news station on at the Barn to keep me up with the latest. Holy Cow, had to find something else. Turned on some Bob Marley Radio and Jimmy Buffet radio and did my outlook change! I had to step back.

I had a customer tag us in a post about how life gives us little reminders that life is good. In her picture, her seeds had sprouted, and they were so cute! Life is good, that is so TRUE! I needed a reminder! If we can step back from the world every once in a while, we can see the birds building nests preparing to welcome their new babies. We can see leaves showing their colors, emerging from a winter’s sleep. Flowers growing with color. We can see butterflies and bees looking for nectar. We can smile. We can take a walk or bike around the Cross-Island Trail and look around and see what good there is. There is good all around us, we just have to be able to unplug and step back to see it. We can’t forget that in these crazy times.

I have such an awesome place where I can step back and see the good. I can talk to my chickens (don’t make fun), I can see seeds popping up, leaves pushing their way to the sun. I can learn and plan my beehive installation. I can sow those wildflower seeds by our hives to enjoy looking at later. I can see our veggies thriving, see my blueberries getting ready to bud. I’m incredibly thankful that I have reminders to step back and look around and smell the roses. It’s important and I challenge you to do the same. Step back. Look around and see that: Life is Good!


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