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Sunday Reflections..

We definitely had our firsts….our first egg, our first goats, our first goof and mistake (okay, there were several after our first 😉, our first planted tomato plant, our first tomato…….Hopefully we can expand on more of those firsts into seconds and thirds.

I reflect on this Sunday to see what we’ve been able to accomplish. We are pretty proud of the fact that we started a lot of our veggies right here on site. Some of our favorite customers were able to take them home and plant them in their very first garden. I can’t wait to hear about their first tomato and cheese sandwich, zucchini bread, Eggplant parm, garden fresh salad, or their first juicy watermelon!

We were able to start our fields. Most of those vegetable plants also came from us planting every seed to transplant to field. We have accomplished a little bit of phragmite management in the field. We’ve been able to keep the wild bamboo from invading our nursery yard. We’ve been able to enhance our flower beds with more natives and also planted a beehive meadow.

So now what? Once you reflect…you always look forward… We are anticipating harvesting our field veggies within the next few weeks or so, we are working on the property with weeding, adding more pollinator plants and more bluebird houses. We are working on our mums for fall as well as have already begun our pumpkin and gourd seeds. Those guys will be transplanted in the field this week sometime. We’ve already placed our order for fall seeds, like kale and broccoli.

Thank you again for a great Spring and here’s to Summer and Fall!

Out playing in the dirt…Christy

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