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To be a houseplant....

My trees have gone dormant, losing all of their leaves, my perennials are all on vacation until spring, and my annuals have long since been gone. It’s that time of year that I have no choice but to turn to my indoor plants for companionship.

I have been fortunate enough to be gifted or found great houseplants that have been with me for years. I’ve found if I give them what they want, they grow and thrive. My pothos are healthy and I’ve been able to take cuttings when they’ve gotten too long and have them root in the same pot. I have spider plants, snake plants and ZZ plants which I just added to my collection earlier this summer. And I’m still learning about the much acclaimed Monstera houseplant. I was able to also add this one to my collection and it soon after started to break my heart….anyone else have plants that do this? No matter what you do, it just isn’t happy and will let you know by turning yellow or worse, yet, drop leaves?!?! I guess it was put here to keep me humble 😉

I digress. Having houseplants and succulents allows one to still have some greenery around during the mundane late fall and winter months. You can add Christmas Cactus, Jade, Aloe, African Violets, and Palms (to name a few) to your collections. If you have citrus trees or ginger plants outside- bring them in to enjoy during the cold weather to keep for next year. Begonias, like the Rieger, can be enjoyed indoors too. So, I write this to really say, don’t forget your indoors, fill it with green and have fun with it!

Until next time…. …. I’ll be digging in the dirt.


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