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Wanted...Dead or Alive

When we were growing up, my grandfather and grandmother fought with the squirrels. Hated the squirrels. Why? Because it was a losing battle to make sure that the birds had enough food through the hard winters when you have squirrels around. The fight was so real, I think, someone bought my grandfather a t-shirt that had a picture of a squirrel on it and it said, “Wanted…Dead or Alive”.

That sentiment is still very much true today still. I have talked with many of you and it’s still a fight with the squirrels. My feeling is that they need to eat too. (All the while, I put the rest of my sixth bag of peanuts out for them to forage with. Might I remind you that I’ve only been at the nursery since September. HAHA!)

But I digress. Feeding the birds gives me joy and allows me some feeling of accomplishment and that I’ve given back somehow for all of the mosquitoes and spiders that they’ve eaten over the summer for me. I LOVE seeing all of the different kinds- a grumpy wren (why do they always look like they are frowning?), loud blue jays, pairs of turtle doves, sparrows, blue birds and of course, the beautiful red cardinal.

We feed the birds so we can look at them, relish in their sounds, and have a reason to go out in ten below zero weather. We also use different feed to attract different species too. Yes, I have pulled out my camera and coax them to sit still long enough to get a shot to post on social media. It’s a great hobby to have and to learn about migrating birds, why do we see some birds in the Spring but not in the Winter and vice versa. Learning that some birds stay together for life and some have more than one brood a year. (Haha! Threw that one at ya, didn’t I? It’s the number of times they lay eggs to reproduce). So, I share the love that I have for birds with you.

The Nursery is offering bird food, feeders and later, nesting boxes, to add to your landscape….if you think your backyard isn’t big enough or you need acres and acres of land, take a look at the bare trees, shrubs and bushes around your yard and neighborhood. Do you see those small masses of sticks? That my friend is evidence that you have birds. And if you don’t see evidence, please, think about feeding and attracting birds. Birds eat bugs in the Spring and Summer. No birds? You will have a problem.

Don’t forget about the birds this winter, even if you have squirrels. They need to eat too. 😊


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