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Why Natives?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Buy Natives.

Native plantings are all the rage right now, but why?

Native trees, shrubs, and perennials are plants that typically do very well in our region and as a plus, they aren't an invasive plant that will take over your lawn. Once established, a native plant is very much maintenance free- and who doesn't want that? On top of that they support wildlife habitat and pollinators. A win-win-win.

Let's take an oak tree for instance. Pick any oak. This tree supports over 500 species of insects- all which supports birds, all which supports pollinators, all which ultimately supports us.

You really can't go wrong with choosing natives. Most natives offer interest in more than one season. You might have the first flowering tree of the season, then beautiful leaf colors in the Summer and Fall.

I'm not saying you only can plant natives. I love Crape Myrtles (I won't tell you how many I have on my 1/4 acre), but I also have a Viburnum, a Maple tree, and several flowering perennials that compliment each other as well as offer habitat and support pollinators. All I'm saying is that you consider some native options.

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